Welcome to The Outpost Interiors

At The Outpost, we believe that the most gratifying places are a reflection of what inspires the individual. A person’s home is a sanctuary, an escape from your hectic life, a place to build moments and memories, and the ultimate reflection of your individuality. Your own home should have the power to quietly transform and invigorate you while offering a space of calmness and comfort. This quiet, transformative strength is the foundation of The Outpost Interiors.

We feel that the success of an interior project is based on trust and relationship. It is our responsibility to first listen to your needs, and with that, we will work with you to develop a vision and a plan to create a dwelling that is timeless, welcoming and inspiring to all who enter it.  We believe in telling your unique story through a carefully selected mix of original antiques and timeless yet current furnishings for a home that is uniquely elegant yet captivating and, most importantly, yours.

Through The Outpost Interiors, we have worked with a very diverse and select group of clients to create truly unique and memorable interiors for them. We look forward to meeting with you to establish goals for your space and together, create your vision.